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'The virus doesn’t spread, we spread the virus:' Mayor Curry, Gov. DeSantis give update on coronavirus response

In Northeast Florida, 50 cases are confirmed in Duval County with the youngest patient being 19 years old.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry gave updates on the coronavirus pandemic Wednesday morning. 

During his news conference from Orlando, DeSantis went further in-depth about a health advisory from the state's Surgeon General that encourages Florida residents ages 65 and up to stay at home for the next two weeks.

DeSantis also said that the epicenter of this virus has shifted multiple times with the first being Wuhan, then Italy and now New York City. He says it's because of this that he has made it mandatory for travelers from the New York-New Jersey area to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival to Florida. 

During Mayor Lenny Curry's press conference, he focused on the need for Jacksonville residents to work from home, if possible. He said if someone is able to perform their work duties at home, the employer "must" allow them to do so. 

"We are getting some complaints, so my administration members and my team are cataloging those complaints and determining how we can follow up," said Curry. "Just because a complaint comes in doesn’t mean that an employer is not complying. For example, I’m told one of the complaints we received is that an individual who works in a packaging distribution center wants to work from home. You clearly can’t do that from home."

Curry said he will take further action is necessary to enforce these guidelines for employers and employees, but he doesn't want to have to resort to that. 

"Look, my ask is, as I said yesterday, for employers and employees to be reasonable with each other and come to an agreement and figure out who can do their job duties from home and let them, and if they can’t, do their job duties but remain six feet apart."

Curry said social distancing and hand washing is of the utmost importance if employees have to go into work. 

“We just want everybody to take a deep breathe and work together to make this happen," he said. "The virus doesn’t spread, we spread the virus."

Curry also encouraged people to support local businesses by buy gift cards and ordering take out. 

As of Wednesday morning, the mayor said 1,500 people has been tested for COVID-19 at Lot J and the Prime Osborn Convention Center; testing locations that remain open daily. 

Wednesday morning he said he spoke with leadership of local hospitals for another update. He said they remain in good shape and are not at capacity. 

He asked individuals and families to be mindful of their mental health. 

"If you're at home, which we hope many of you are, isolating, get a routine, get up, get dressed, have some things and functions you do that day. Pick up the phone and call someone, listen to them, share with them, but no COVID-19 talk." 

He also encouraged people to have their groceries delivered or to have them put in your trunk at grocery pick-up to avoid contact.  

"The only way we stop this is to stop spreading this among ourselves," said Curry.

Curry said no one in his office has been tested and no one is being quarantined at this time. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has 25 employees who are staying at home out of precaution and the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department has 28 employees who are staying home out of precaution. 

In Northeast Florida, 50 cases are confirmed in Duval County with the youngest patient being 19 years old. Ten cases are in Clay County, 24 in St. Johns County, one in Nassau County, two in Putnam County, four in Flagler County, four in Baker County and one in Bradford County, according to the Florida Department of Health. There have been three reported deaths in Duval, one in Clay County and one in St. Johns.

There are a total of 1,467 cases reported in the state of Florida.

In Southeast Georgia, one case is confirmed in Charlton County, one case is confirmed in Pierce County, one case in Camden County and five cases are confirmed in Glynn County, according to the Georgia Department of Health. There are a total of 1,097 cases in the state of Georgia

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