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Should I wear a mask? Some people are wearing them, some aren't

Have you noticed that some people are wearing masks while others aren't? What should you do? Here's some advice.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — If you've been out lately, you've likely noticed two kinds of people; those who wear masks and those who don't. What should you do?

Dr. Sunil Joshi, president of the Duval County Medical Society Foundation, said he's fielding many questions on the topic of wearing cloth face masks to protect against COVID-19. He gave the following advice on his Facebook page recently - which is consistent with the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control.

He recommended wearing one.

"It's not because the cloth mask protects you from getting the infection," he said. "What I keep trying to tell people is to act like you yourself have the infection and you're trying to protect other people from getting it," said Joshi, who is also president of the Family Allergy & Consultants.

[Wearing a mask] "that's really the best way to make sure this doesn't spread. So you wear the cloth mask and you're less likely to spread the infection to other people ... allows us to flatten the curve and keep people out of the hospital," Joshi said.

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First Coast News asked the question on Facebook Tuesday and learned that people on both sides of the face mask debate have strong feelings. 

Here's what some are saying:

"Haven't worn a mask at all and don't plan to. ..." - Kelsey Knode

"You don’t wear a mask to protect yourself... You wear them to protect those around you. Please, mask up people. It isn’t that hard." - Pamela Morrow Key

"I don't go out much still trying to stay at home. When I do go out I'm wearing a mask. Just to be on the safe side. Everyone else can do as they wish, that's not meant to be mean, just the truth." - Rhonda Walker

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