Many small businesses are taking a hit as people avoid crowds because of coronavirus concerns. Restaurants on the First Coast are especially worried.

“We have taken some extra steps,” said Bobby Handmaker, owner of Cruisers in Jacksonville Beach. “We’re very concerned with your safety and our employees’ safety. Without any of that, we really don’t have a shot. We’re in this together.”

Handmaker showed First Coast News how his restaurant is doing double the work when it comes to sanitation. Menus are sanitized after every use, tables are washed after and before guests use them and dishes, cups and silverware are washed twice.

“Anything that goes from one guests’ hands to another needs to be washed,” Handmaker said.

Despite every precaution, business is slower than usual.

Cruisers can clean the restaurant all day, but without customers, it could be in trouble.

“This is really going to cause a lot of pain for a lot of small businesses,” Handmaker said.

The restaurant doesn’t only keep a clean restaurant for you, but for its staff.

If one employee would catch this virus, Handmaker’s business could be in jeopardy.

It’s important for Handmaker’s staff to keep this place pristine, but that job also should apply to you. Cover your coughs, wash your hands, use sanitizer. If you’re sick, stay home. As Handmaker said, "we’re all in this together."