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Face shields growing in popularity for children as school year approaches

Many people believe the shields are more comfortable and durable than masks as a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — As students head back to school next months, parents are debating the best form of protection for their children.

“It seems like shields are the way people are trying to go now”, said Benny Burst, the CEO of FaceShield.

His is one of many retail companies seeing a boom in online orders for face protection for children.

Walmart, Target and Amazon are also stocked with shields.

Depending on where you buy is, costs can range from $7-20 for a five or 10 pack.

The makers of face shields say they have a dual role, by allowing visual communication for people with an impairment.

“The eye part of the communications to see what people are doing is such an important part for waiters, teachers, children to be able to see things”, Burst said.

Experts say the shields are durable even for playful children. Most say each shield should last at least five or so months before a replacement is needed.

Unlike a fabric mask, parents can't just throw a shield into the washer. Burst, however, says the shields are easy to clean.

“With a clean micro-fiber rag or a lent free paper towel with an alcohol," he said.

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