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Data experts warn of third wave of COVID-19 as cases spike across the nation

Cases in Florida are up nearly 40% over the last two weeks.

TAMPA, Fla. — An alarming third wave of COVID-19 cases are sweeping across the country according to covidexitstrategy.org. The organization has been tracking all COVID-19 data closely and warn the lack of social distancing and masks is causing the virus to thrive.

"It is very clear in the data that we are in the third wave at this point. The number of cases are exceeding the number of cases we have had in the past," Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy Marta Wosinska said. 

Data experts warn a coronavirus surge is happening again.

"The number of cases in some states is really tremendous. We're seeing about half the states are hitting new records mainly in the Midwest but not only there," Wosinska said. 

Specifically, 22 states are reporting over 250 new cases per million per day, with North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin at record highs of more than 600. 

The organization is also seeing increased hospitalizations in at least 18 states and an increase in the number of positive cases across 46 states. 

The data also shows positivity rates are most troubling in states like South Dakota (40.3%), Idaho (35.6%), Wyoming (30.5%), Wisconsin (28.0%), Iowa (25.7%), and Alabama (24.9%).

"The scariest update is that Wisconsin's supreme court shut down the governor's social distancing measures earlier this month. 

"The state attempted a workaround to apply social distancing measures in businesses but on Friday it got halted by the appeals court. Leaving Wisconsin, a state in bad shape, with no way to enforce social distancing mandates," University of Washington Political Science Professor Christopher Adolph said. 

Florida, which was hit hard with a wave in the summer during the second surge in cases is seeing a surge but not as high as in the Midwest right now.

"This probably will be the largest wave and perhaps the most long-lasting because we not only have winter coming but we also have holidays where people will want to meet with each other," Wosinska said. 

You can review their research yourself here.

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