JACKSONVILLE, Fla — While the city's nonessential workforce continues to work remotely, from home, a number of essential services are still making house calls.

In the Florida heat where having air conditioning is a necessity, air conditioning contractors are responding to the call for repairs.

"We are doing well, staying busy," said Tim Wood.

Wood is with Snyder Heating and Air; with more than 100 employees it is one of the largest.

He told On Your Side they have changed their business protocols. It begins with their workers.

"Before they begin work, we check their body temperatures," Wood said. "We are just like health care workers are doing. We see so we can get ahead of anything."

He said his team follows another set of protocols before entering a customer's home: they are instructed to practice social distancing and ask questions.

"We are asking if they have traveled outside the country, if they have a fever," Wood said.

It is not just A/C companies.

Tom Rue owns the Molly Maids company in Jacksonville.

"We have seen a 20% drop in business," Rue said. "That was last week."

He said his staff is still going into homes, and prevention and protection are a priority for both his clients and his staff.

"We have stepped up sanitation practices, we replace mops, sweeps with each client," he said.

He said some of his clients are health care workers and their employers have instructed them to stop all services to their homes.

We checked with Don Workman of Workman"s Kwik Fix Plumbing. 

He said their business has been busy because now they are making needed repairs to a number of businesses that are closed.

"Even in this dirty business, our workers are taking precautions," Workman said.

The small service companies are adjusting and adapting quickly, but they are concerned about how long this situation may last.

For now, they plan to stick to the new normal way of doing business.

"We saw it coming. we were closely monitoring the whole situation and ramp up our measures to mitigate it," Wood said.

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