ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla — Going green has a local business raking in the green, as people begin growing their own fruits and vegetables as one way to avoid leaving their homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

For Zak Furey, who started Garden of Eatin' about eight years ago, business is booming.

“What our business does is we bring basically farm fresh food right to people's backyards or patios in container gardens. They are a lot of fun and they cost about as much as few dinners out with a family,” Furey said.

As the number of coronavirus cases grows, so does the number of his clients wanting to dig their hands into homegrown produce and herbs.

“You are actually getting something that's going to benefit your immune system better than those herbs and stuff like that that you would get from a grocery store that have been handled from a lot of people and that have been sitting there,” Furey said.

Container Garden
Garden of Eatin' container garden
First Coast News

From peppers to strawberries to cilantro, the garden is assembled at your home with the items you pick.

“We like to customize our gardens to our clients’ needs, whether it be juicing or salads or herbs or salsa gardens,” Furey said. “Whatever they are into, we customize it for them.”

With kids at home now he says a lot of parents are using gardening as a learning tool.

“Having a garden is great way to teach your kids about healthy eating, and it's going to build your immune system when you're eating healthier food, eating food that's fresh and getting all of the natural benefits from your food,” Furey said. “We do everything for you, so the client all they have to do is sit back and enjoy their gardens.”

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You can visit Garden of Eatin' website and Facebook page to find recipes and learn more about their container gardens.

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