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Can you get COVID-19 twice?

We take our viewers' question to an expert from Mayo Clinic.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Even if you didn't get that sick from COVID, nobody wants it twice. Right?

But can you get it again?  

First Coast News went to Dr. Gregory Poland, Vaccine Research Team, Mayo Clinic, Rochester. 

Credit: Mayo Rochester, Dr. Gregory Poland, Vaccine Research Team

He says, "You most certainly can get it twice."

He continues, "How often is that happening?  We don't know yet. We know we are regularly finding cases of people who had Covid and get infected again later."  And, he says, the second time around can be more severe. 

To avoid getting it again, get the vaccine and, Dr. Poland says, "You may, in fact, need a later booster because of these new variants."

Also, he says, wear your mask.  And don't let it hang below your nose.

Dr. Poland says that puts you and others at risk.