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Buy a shirt from Jacksonville clothing company, help feed low-income families

8103 Clothing and BEAM are helping the Jacksonville beaches communities with financial and food assistance.

For many families, the impact of COVID-19 is changing everyday life from social distancing to shopping for groceries.

But, for low-income families who can't afford to buy food or need help keeping their lights on, a Jacksonville non-profit may be a much-needed lifeline.

"For families that struggle day-to-day, you don't just pick back up and have everything go back to normal," said Lori Richards, the executive director of the Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry, or BEAM. The agency helps families in Jacksonville's beaches communities by providing food and rental assistance.

Credit: Courtesy: BEAM
The Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry, or BEAM, distributed more than 16,000 pounds of food to families and local partners last week.

During the first week of April, they helped 77 families, already surpassing the total for March.

"We are certainly monitoring our food supply because that has been very different. We are no longer picking up from retailers" she described. 

BEAM's mission caught the attention of Mark Braddock, the owner of 8103 Clothing in the Springfield neighborhood. He's from Jacksonville Beach and as a small business owner wanted to do his part by giving back.

He's printing specialized t-shirts with the proceeds going to BEAM.

Credit: Courtesy: Mark Braddock
Mark Braddock, owner of 8103 Clothing is printing COVID-19 t-shirts to benefit the Jacksonville non-profit BEAM.

In a statement, Braddock says, "In these uncertain times we have decided to keep our machines running. Proceeds from Our Stay Home and Ghostbusters shirts will provide groceries and items in need for low-income families."

"Thinking about the fact that this is going to be a long haul to where we are all back okay again, the support that we have received is incredible and we are so grateful for it," Richards said.

For more information about BEAM's mission and their work during COVID-19, click here.

To support 8103 Clothing, click here. 

Credit: WTLV