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Being a doctor, mom during the coronavirus pandemic

"I have to put my mom hat on and my doctor hat on,” Dr. Tina Ardon from Mayo Clinic said.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Many of us are trying to find a new balance these days while juggling working from home and taking care of children.

For the folks in the medical community having to juggle those tasks and still treating patients, can be tough too.

“I think it is challenging being a physician in the current state of affairs," Dr. Tina Ardon from Mayo Clinic said. "I have to put my mom hat on and my doctor hat on.” 

She practices family medicine at Mayo Clinic and is also a wife and mother of three children– all under the age of 10. Added to that – she is trying to keep everyone safe from the coronavirus.

"Staying calm and collected but also being prepared as well," Ardon said. "Asking questions if I need to and being a reassuring presence for my family at home.

She said keeping good practices in place is key. Her family is used to the routine – being clean for one.

“For better or worse our family does a good job of that, but I always make it a point to wash my hands when I get home [and] change my clothes, [I] do those things I always do,” Ardon said,

She has a strong support system at home. One that can handle her busy work schedule.

But Ardon explained as everyone else starts to juggle their work and home differently, how you handle your health – physically and mentally -- should remain a top priority.

“Being outside, getting some fresh air, going on a walk with your family and letting kids play outside a little bit more those are important now more than ever,” she said.

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