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3 things that may help you avoid the coronavirus

Should you wear gloves when you pump gas?

There are many questions people are asking about what they can do to protect themselves from the coronavirus, or COVID-19. 

Below are three things that may help you avoid the coronavirus:

Do you wash your thumbs?

We’re all trying to keep safe from the coronavirus. And maybe you’re sick of hearing you should wash your hands.

You know how to wash your hands, right? 

Dr. Greg Poland, an infectious disease expert from Mayo Clinic Rochester says you probably don’t. 

“Let me be clear. I’ve never, never seen a layperson wash their hands properly," he said. 

The doctor says you should grab each thumb and twist your fingers around it over and over to wash off germs. He says don’t forget your fingertips, as well. 

He says to think about how important that is. You put your fingertips in your eyes, nose and mouth and that’s how Coronavirus can infect you.

Jimmy Kimmel invited Poland onto his show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on ABC to run an experiment.  

To see how Dr. Poland teaches Kimmel to wash his hands properly, watch below.

Should you wear gloves when you pump gas?

Sounds crazy? Like something for an OCD germaphobe?

Not according to Poland. He says it’s not going overboard to fight off the Coronavirus.

Does it really help to wipe hard surfaces with antibacterial wipes?

So you have your Clorox wipes or some such product you snapped up at the store because the shelves were getting empty.  You hear it’s a good idea to wipe off your desk or the arm of your chair. But does it really help?

Poland says it does. 

In fact, he says, you’re not just wiping away the germs. You can actually kill the Coronavirus.

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