JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — September 2018 changed everything for Linda Vick.

"It has been tough, very tough," she said.

Vick, 70, was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer. It would take her to the darkest moments of her life.

"My oncologist said 'if you do everything that we ask you to do you have an 80% chance of survival,'" Vick said. "If you don't you have 20% chance." 

She did a double mastectomy and posted the before and after pictures on Facebook and recently completed chemo treatment.

Her next phase is radiation and that's when she discovered an insurance challenge.

"My radiation is $40 every treatment. I have to have six weeks of treatment and they're all in succession," she said.

The $40 is her out of pocket costs. Vick said she used crowdfunding to help raise the funds to cover her out of pocket costs the first go around. 

"That helped with my $3400," she said.

She was convinced she had met all that is required of her until he decided to move from St. Augustine to Jacksonville to be closer to her treatment centers.

She said she was surprised to learn that her move impacted her healthcare coverage.

"They called me last week and said, 'we have a problem,'" she said.

Vick said the problem is her out of pocket expenses increased to $5,500, and the $3400 she already paid does not apply.

"I put in a grievance and told them I was going to call a TV station," she said.

She called On Your Side and we called her healthcare insurance company. They said they would reach out to her ASAP to address her concerns.

"I just need help," said Vick. "I almost said just forget it, just forget it I can't fight it anymore."

Her daughter has encouraged her to keep fighting.

Her cancer treatment center contacted her today and said she will receive credit for what was already paid.

Her insurance carrier is now researching her case to see what may have happened to create her concerns.

It is a fact that a certain address can impact car, renter's and homeowner's insurance.

What is little known is that a change of address can also impact your health insurance coverage.

Vick said the takeaway in sharing her scary experience is that we all would read and understand our coverage now before it is needed.