It's now the middle of February. Check your wrist -- where is that fitness watch you got for Christmas?

How is your New Year's resolution coming of hitting the gym every day?

Chances are, you might be slacking a bit. But First Coast News' Lindsey Boetsch spoke with Erica Goldstein, dietician at the Mayo Clinic, and found out three really easy tips to help you get back on track.

1. The first tip has to do with phone or if you prefer, good old fashion pen and paper.

"Tracking what you're eating, whether you're physically writing it down, or using some sort of app on your smart phone or iPad, the physical act of doing that holds you accountable and it reminds you of your intentions of what your goal is," Goldstein said.

2. And if that goal is to eat healthier, Goldstein suggests colorful foods as well as foods that are rich in fiber and healthy fat like unsalted nuts and avocados.

"These types of foods provide very unique health benefits to you and they also help you to feel full and satisfied. So always having these things around the house is important or even on the go, in your bag, carry them with in your kids lunch box, backpack, anything," she said.

3. And that will leave you with more energy to contribute to those healthy habits. Goldstein suggests finding an exercise that you love to do.

"If you really work at finding exercises you love to do, you'll start to change your body composition and you'll just love what you're doing. The focus will change from how you feel you're perceived because of your body image, it will change to how you feel inside and how you're empowered," Goldstein said.

You can still get back on track, it's only the middle of February. There's still time to make 2016 the year you love your body.