A Florida Sheriff's Office is reminding folks that celebratory gunfire is dangerous and is asking residents to refrain from doing it this year.

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office writes, what comes up must come down.

"In years past, many people have been seriously wounded or killed by falling bullets on New Year’s Eve. Those tragic deaths and serious injuries, which resulted from stray bullets, have motivated Sheriff Nienhuis to remind everyone that stray bullets can injure or kill innocent bystanders," the sheriff's office wrote.

Last New Year's Eve in Jacksonville, a man was arrested after he admitted to ringing in the New Year with celebratory gunfire in Arlington. They say a woman called them after she heard gunshots, followed by stuff falling from her walls. When she went to go check out her living room, she saw wall damage from the outside.

“Celebrating the New Year should never be at the expense of someone else’s safety. Impaired driving and celebratory gunfire are both ways to start the new year off with the sobering reality that your actions took the life of an innocent person. Please leave the firearms secured and never drive impaired,” said Sheriff Al Nienhuis