The Florida Department of Transportation answered some questions about the operation of the Express Lanes on Interstate 295 between the Buckman Bridge and Interstate 95.

Drivers in that stretch can choose to stay in the general lanes or pay a toll and use the Express Lanes on the inside two lanes.

A digital toll sign will display the current price to use the Express Lanes. It will change depending on the demand and time of day.

People have mixed feelings about them.

"I think having the Express Lanes will clear things up," Logan Parsons said.

"It's not fair because some people use those lanes more to go back and forth to work so it could be an expense for them," Myriam Baturer said.

FDOT says people will be charged to use the Express Lanes during peak hours on weekdays.

You can use an E-Pass, PeachPass from Georgia, or a Florida SunPass to pay for them.

The E-Pass sticker is the cheapest option, and a SunPass sticker costs $4.99.

If you want to use a SunPass on multiple vehicles including motorcycles, a portable SunPass costs $19.99.

Some people are upset you have to pay to use the tolls.

"They're charging people 50 cents or more during peak hours?" Myriam Baturer from Orange Park said. "I don't think it's fair." 

FDOT reminds people this is an option, not a necessity to use.

"It manages congestion on the roadway, we encourage people to use the Express Lanes to ease congestion in the general use lanes," FDOT spokesperson Hampton Ray said.

FDOT says the prices increase by a nickel based on the congestion on the roadways.

“In South Florida for instance, where they have Express Lanes, peak prices are about $2.75," Ray said. "In the evening it's about a $1.75.” 

“You certainly could see it that high, it depends on the traffic in the roadway,” Ray added.

If you want to buy a Sun Pass, you can buy one online or in stores like Publix, Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy or AMSCOT.

E-Pass transponders can be purchased on their website.

You can find information about Peach Passes here.