A man held 13 people hostage at the Community First Credit Union in December of 2016 and the negotator phone calls have been released exclusively to First Coast News.

Suspect: You bring that cat truck any closer…

Negotiator: We don’t need to do that, which truck are you talking about”  

For the first time were hearing the audio recording between a hostage negotiator and a Jacksonville man threatening to kill 13 people at a credit union in northwest Jacksonville.  

Suspect: My family are the only people who could save these people. Do you understand that? Do you understand that?

Negotiator: No, you’re the one who can save these people”

The suspect was identified as Nicholas Humphrey. He was inside the community First Credit union on Edgewood avenue trying to rob the store. Negotiators are trying to convince Humphreys to surrender and leave the building without harming anyone.

“Jacksonville 911 what’s the location of your emergency? We’re getting robbed please help us, we’re getting robbed at the credit union”

 That was a 911 call recording from a woman inside the credit union panicked not knowing whether they would make it out alive.

Negotiator: you said you have 26 guns?

Suspect: And I’ll use every single last one

Negotiator: it’s going to be kind of hard but listen to me, we need you to be a little patient ok we’re working on getting the family here”

Humphreys finally surrendered after terrorizing and changing the lives of 13 people. He was charged with 13 counts of kidnapping with a weapon and attempted armed robbery. his next court date is set for May 31st.