JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A family gearing-up to run 26.2 with Donna are looking to make the 10th anniversary race even more special for their mother.

“Yeah it’s been a while, It’s been a long time,” Sue Schuman said.

A long time since she’s been with her six sisters – three of whom are breast cancer survivors just like her.

“All of them were detected early with mammograms and just annual visits to the doctor with the self exam," Schuman said.

Schuman beat the disease five years ago, but stayed active in the breast cancer community. Her daughters Jill and Jennifer have been active too: running in the 26.2 with Donna since before their mom’s diagnosis. Flashback to the fall when the family started planning for this year’s race. That is when Jennifer had an idea: one that started with an email.

“We just started reaching out to the rest of the sisters and It’s really exciting to get them all to commit because they’re scattered all over the country,” Jennifer Sexton said.

Illinois, Washington, Montana, Tennessee, and Massachusetts: the miles didn’t stop the sisters, cousins, and other relatives. They started replying that they would make the trip and also participate in the race, which added to the surprise.

“We had her go through a couple of clues and then opened it up and read the note that actually no one was having a baby, but rather that all seven of her sisters were coming to town to walk the Donna," Sexton said

A Christmas surprise like no other that didn’t stop there, but with a hopeful reunion at the finish line.

“That’s the plan is to finish together and have that experience together," Jill Streit said

Closing a chapter on breast cancer together as a family.