POWELL, Tenn. — Newly released body cam video shows the moment a Knox County Sheriff's deputy fires at a homeowner armed with a gun.

No one was hurt and no charges are pending.

But after watching a press conference about the case earlier today the homeowners reached out to 10News to share their experience.

The family and the sheriff's department agree on the basic facts of this case, but the family is concerned about the actions of that deputy during his first day on the job.

On January 4th, a family member accidentally set off the home's security alarm. KCSO was sent to check on the home after getting an alert from that triggered alarm.

Body cam video shows the sheriff's deputy trying to ring the doorbell before going around back.      

The doorbell is broken, the family says, and he does not try to knock on the front door.

"About that time we hear the door knob start to jiggle, some noise at the door," said Eric Ludwig, who lives there with his parents and sister.

He and his sister were were in their den when they heard a noise at their backdoor.

"The blinds were down halfway so they could actually see pant legs," said their father and homeowner Jason Ludwig. "So my daughter screams, that's where you hear the screaming, they think someone is breaking in the house."

"I didn't know it was an officer," said Eric. "I thought it was a guy trying to get in and get to us. That's what made me go pull my pistol."

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Ludwig said he opened the door with the gun, found another man with a gun in his backyard, and then heard a gunshot.

"You can see here where the bullet came through the glass, through the wall," said Jason Ludwig.

WBIR legal analyst Don Bosch looked at this case and the actions of Eric Ludwig.

"If you don't know it's a police officer, have no reasonable expectation that the police are coming to your house or would be in their lawfully, and you discharged a weapon you're probably not in trouble," said Bosch.

That's what happened.

The Ludwigs don't blame the deputy but do question whether he was too quick to pull trigger.

"If he'd announced he was an officer when he got here, I would have never pulled my pistol," said Eric.

"I've been a strong supporter of any police officers," said Jason."The only thing that's changed me is I think there needs to be a different type of training. Something needs to change where innocent people should not be shot at."

Sheriff Spangler said at a press conference Friday the department will include this body cam video in future training, but he stands by the actions of his rookie officer.

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"It's a great training tool, it absolutely is, because it tells you how quick that happened and how fast it can happen to anybody out there," said Spangler.

The man shot at in this case also works for the sheriff's department. 

The Ludwig family says they have no plans to take any legal action against the deputy or the department.