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Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Helen Dunbar from Sadie T. Tillis Elementary

Mrs. Dunbar is Principal at Sadie T. Tillis Elementary, but sometimes she steps into the classroom to teach!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Mrs. Helen Dunbar was nominated for Teacher of the Week, but she doesn't serve as a teacher on a daily basis. She's the principal at Sadie Tillis Elementary School. 

Mrs. Dunbar says she was shocked to learn of her nomination. She does her job because it's her commitment.

"What I do, I don’t do it outwardly… I do it because it is what I’m called to do. I do it because this is what I’ve committed myself to doing. I’m honored and I’m elated," said Mrs. Dunbar.

First Coast News spoke with a teacher at the school, Mr. Faron Miles. Mr. Miles says he wasn't surprised his principal was nominated.

"I don’t know where I would be without her leadership.. even when we had Earth Day last month, she came and got down with the class and helped us. Not only is she a great principal.. but she leads which I love, by example," he said.

Mrs. Dunbar says she makes lesson plans on the weekend because she wants to see all of her students succeed.

"We lead from example and especially during these challenging times. Whenever there is a need, I’m there," said Mrs. Dunbar.

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