Gov. Rick Scott is looking to enhance the school supply budget for Florida teachers.

Scott announced that his 2018-19 budget proposal will include $63 million for teacher supply grants.

The proposal would serve as an increase of $18 million to the state's school supply budget. Teachers would receive an addition $100 for their classroom budget.

As of now, teachers receive an annual budget of $250. The proposal would increase spending to $350 for each teacher.

Gov. Scott said the following about the proposed budget increase for education supplies:

“I have the opportunity to travel to schools and meet with our hardworking teachers, and yesterday, I was fortunate to meet with our Teachers of the Year to hear how we can make our schools even better. Teachers are heroes to our students and I’m committed to championing policies to continue to help them. We have worked every year to ensure that Florida’s teachers have the resources they need to help our students succeed. Far too often, teachers are forced to reach into their own pockets to buy supplies for their classrooms and I am proud to propose additional money for this critical program. Teacher supply grants allow our educators to secure the tools they need in the classroom and we will continue to fight to ensure that every Florida teacher can focus on student success.”