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Duval Teachers' Union excited about proposed end to FSA testing

The President of Duval Teachers United said FSA testing is not an effective measure of student’s skills.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Florida Standards Assessment, or FSA testing, could be eliminated in schools across the state if lawmakers pass legislation suggested by Gov. Ron DeSantis. Instead, students will complete periodic progress monitoring.

Governor Desantis made the announcement Tuesday.

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Governor Desantis called FSA testing outdated. If his proposed legislation is passed, this year is the last year students will take the FSA.

We believe it will ultimately save money and it will ultimately save time," DeSantis said. 

Terrie Brady, president of Duval Teachers United, said FSA testing is not an effective measure of student’s skills, and since results are received after the school year, teachers have no chance to help students with low scores.

“I much rather see growth of a students and where teachers can actually benchmark learn and how they individually those patterns and lessons plans," Brady remarked.

Governor DeSantis plans to replace FSA with progress monitoring with individualized check-in assessments three times per year.

“We believe that having results monitored and measured is very, very important but we also think that the FSA is outmoded," the governor said.

Brady says the current end of the year coursework testing will still take place, as will the 5th and 8th grade statewide science assessment. However, shifting to a periodic monitoring system will help teachers to keep students on track.

FSA scores are also tied to a school's statewide ranking. With that pressure gone, Brady believes teachers and students can put more focus on learning.

“I hope that the stress and the anxiety over teachers having to meet those certain guidelines for the FSA will be diminished somewhat," said Brady.

If the legislation is passed, the FSA will still be administered this school and next year schools will start implementing progress monitoring.

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