A bald eagle found by cyclists near Heckscher Drive Thursday is expected to recover.

Spreading his wings, Talbot – the bald eagle named for where he was found -- will not be getting off the ground for a while.

“It’s like a smack to the head and it’s sort of like a concussion," Exotic Bird Hospital's Dr. Rhoda Stevenson said.

She had already treated dozens of patients Friday, none as majestic as the bald eagle now in her exam room. Her suspicion is that Talbot has head trauma – confirmed once she examines his eyes.

Spotted by a pair of cyclists just off Heckscher Drive. Cynthia Mosling with the Bird Emergency Aid and Kare Sanctuary said it was the pair’s quick reaction that got the bird to safety.

“I got a phone call and thank God they had their cell phone on them because I was able to come out right away,” Mosling said.

She has been caring for birds for more than 30 years – in that time she’s helped about 50 bald eagles by her estimate. In the x-ray room, Dr. Stevenson shared some promising news.

“So I’m not seeing anything there – it was the spinal cord that I was worried about, which gives us a chance,” Stevenson said.

Sent home with Mosling to recover – prescribed medication and fluids, that will tide Talbot over for a while. The bird's long-term prognosis is unclear.