JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – JSO is looking for a suspect that spent 40 minutes trying to break into a Southside home.

"Seeing someone just walk up to the back door and then the front door and then for 40 minutes try to get into the house, with no attempt to see if anyone is home is just scary,” said Michael McKee.

Michael McKee did everything he could to protect his Southside home. He has surveillance cameras and sensors. He also lives in a gated community.

But none of that stopped this determined criminal.

“Seeing his footprint on my front door bothers me. Just to think that going right through this door and how quickly he could have gotten to me or my wife is scary."

McKee and his wife weren't home. The incident started at 6:50 Thursday night.

The suspect attempts to kick in the front door, minutes later - the back door.

He even uses a stick to try and get inside.

The incident was recorded on home surveillance.

McKee's alarm didn’t go off until the suspect broke a window.
“He didn’t steal anything.”

After the suspect leaves the home. JSO arrives minutes later.

"The officers that saw the video were suspect of his intentions. I am suspect of his intentions. I am definitely worried."