A man was arrested in Yulee Monday after deputies say he stabbed a woman in the head with a fork in a dispute over a baked potato.

Kenneth David Crumpton Jr., 36, has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after Nassau County deputies say he stabbed victim Angela Gullion Sunday at 78040 Susi Ln.

Upon deputies' arrival at the scene, Gullion refused to give them information but deputies soon recovered a fork and a bloody, white T-shirt from a vehicle the victim was sitting in. Deputies reported multiple stab wounds and blood to both sides of Gullion's head.

A woman who called police told deputies that Crumpton had stabbed Gullion during an altercation over a baked potato.

Crumpton was arrested and confirmed to police that the dispute was over a baked potato but that he had only thrown the fork, thinking it "glanced off her head."

Crumpton is due to appear at the Nassau County Courthouse, though his date has not yet been set.