JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The year is almost over and it will mark the fifth straight year of more than 100 homicides on the streets of Jacksonville.

Police are investigating the latest murder in Arlington. A man was shot and killed at an Arlington apartment complex on Christmas Day.

"This past year the numbers are a little higher and that is mainly because of the drug activity and things that are associated with that,” says First Coast News Crime Analyst Mark Baughman.

Blue lights and police tape are common in some parts of Jacksonville.

So far this year there's been 118 homicides. That’s up from 114 last year.

So what makes 2016 different from past years?

"I think the only difference is there are more multiples, meaning multiple individuals are being killed in one incident,” says Baughman.

A prime example was a shooting near the Cleveland Arms apartments. Five people were shot, three killed - including a pregnant mother.

This year also had murders that angered an entire city, like the death of a baby - Aiden McClendon.

When it comes to domestic violence in regards to homicides, those numbers have remained steady.

Baughman also says some years have higher homicide rates because victims don't die until the next year.

"If an individual gets shot in 2015 of last year then dies the following year, that homicide counts in 2016, it doesn't count in 2015," he says.