A 94-year-old woman, identified only as Jane, was raped at the Brookdale Atrium Way assisted living facility, her daughter said.

Jane told officers with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office a man wearing scrubs raped her April 20, according to the police report.

"She said, ‘He hurt me down there, and I wish I’d died,’” said her daughter, identified only as Myra.

Attorney Tom Edwards said the facility failed to protect Jane.

“In the weeks leading up to Jane’s rape, they’d had two different incidents when someone tried to get into the facility in the early morning hours,” Edwards said.

A Brookdale spokesperson tells First Coast News, the staff is working with local law enforcement on this incident which Brookdale says was "by a third party."

“Our primary concern is our residents,” a statement from Brookdale said. “While we do not believe some of the statements made by the attorney are accurate based upon the investigation by local law enforcement, we cannot comment further because of the pending litigation and the privacy of our residents.”

It's unclear which statements Brookdale is referring to, but Edwards said the staff failed to stop two other attacks that happened later.

“Following this attack, they’ve done nothing that we’ve been able to find to alert the community, to alert the families and to alert the patients,” Edwards said.

May 22, JSO responded to Brookdale Atrium Way again when another woman reported a rape, according to police records.

Another woman told officers, a man fitting a similar description tried to climb into her bed, then ran off, on Sept 6.

Edwards said the facility did not do enough to stop the first alleged attack or the ones that followed.

Jane has since been moved to another facility, but her alleged attacker has not been found.

"There’s nothing I can do to make her feel safe anymore,” Myra said.