JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The director of a Westside foster home pleaded not guilty Thursday after he was charged with child neglect and failure to report child abuse, according to court records.

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Director of i.K.A.R.E. Youth and Family Services Torrance D. Gary, 48, was arrested Dec. 19 after the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said he told employees at the facility to not report an act of suspected lewd molestation reportedly caught on surveillance.

The incident allegedly happened Nov. 5, and police said Gary warned employees not to report it out of fear it would hurt their business.

An employee contacted authorities anyway, but police said the surveillance video had been tampered with.

Gary was soon arrested and charged with child neglect and willfully failing to report known or suspected child abuse, according to JSO.

He bonded out of jail the next day, but the Department of Children and Families has since removed the children from the facility.