It's something that happens to everyone. Pulled over on the highway anxiously waiting to learn our fate. One man didn't just get a ticket - he claims a Florida deputy actually stole money from him.

“I couldn't believe it, I just couldn't believe that an officer of the law stole money from me," the alleged victim said.

First Coast News is not identifying him because he does not want to draw attention to himself. He only wants to put the spotlight on what he says happened to him when Volusia County sheriff's deputy John Braman pulled him over.

“I left my house and I rolled a stop sign like a lot of people do in my neighborhood and got pulled over," said the victim.

The man admits he had one drink before leaving his house. When he refused to do the breathalyzer test, he was arrested and booked. At the jail deputy Braman checked the man’s belongings.

“He pulled out my wallet and he said I had $13 in cash and I said no, no, no I had $213 in cash," said the victim.

He says he didn't immediately suspect it was the deputy. “I wasn't sure if he had taken it or it was lost or what happened." He says he was afraid to come forward. “Who's going to believe a guy getting arrested for a DUI, so it was very frustrating."

It wasn't until his attorney requested the body camera video to help fight his DUI case that the truth surfaced. Deputy Braman’s own body camera captures the deputy taking money out of the victim's wallet.

“Stealing is stealing," the victim said.

Despite what the video showed the man still believes most law enforcement officers are honest. “I haven't lost my faith or trust in law enforcement, there's still plenty of good people out there unfortunately he made a bad decision."

Braman was placed on administrative leave Wednesday and resigned Monday. According to the Florida Department Law Enforcement, there are more people who have come forward accusing the officer of stealing their money.

FDLE and the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office are in the process of conducting an investigation. The deputy has not yet been charged with a crime.