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Alleged racially motivated attack at Jacksonville gas station leaves woman bruised

Although shaken, Rayme McCoy, 23, is speaking out because she wants other people to stand up for themselves if they’re ever in a similar situation.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — *Editor's Note: Rayme McCoy did not want to show her face on camera due to the extensive facial bruising she suffered during the incident.

Ringing in her ears, abrasions and bruises. That's what one Jacksonville woman was left with after being assaulted at a gas station.

She tells First Coast News that the incident happened because of her skin color, and what she went through should be considered a hate crime.

Although shaken, Rayme McCoy, 23, is speaking out because she wants other people to stand up for themselves if they’re ever in a similar situation. 

She says the incident happened at a BP located at 3551 University Boulevard on Monday.

McCoy says she went inside to get gas when she heard a man yelling racial slurs to another person. She says she went to pay for gas and the man came up behind her. 

She says it was at that point she asked him to back up. McCoy says the man was annoyed by the request and started hitting her.

"I went in BP to get gas and I was walking in... there was a guy arguing with an Indian guy and when I walked around him to go inside, he came in after me and was basically yelling y'all kind, you need to go back where you came from," said Rayme McCoy, victim.

"I'm pushing his beers away from me and once I pushed the beers away from me, he started punching me in my head," said McCoy.

Police are looking for the man and if he is not found soon, police will issue a warrant for his arrest. He was driving an orange Chevy Sonic.

The brutal incident was all captured on video. WARNING: The video may be disturbing to some.

McCoy says she went to the hospital and doesn’t have broken bones, but she has ringing in her ear. A police report also indicates bruising and/or abrasions. 

McCoy says she will continue monitoring the ringing. 

First Coast News has reached out to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office for more information and are waiting to hear back.

Statement from Isiah Rumlin President of the NAACP. 

“The actions of the suspect in this video is completely unacceptable and appears to be racially motivated, there is absolutely no excuse for his behaviors.

The Civil Rights organization along with other community leaders are demanding that the Sheriff’s Office do the right thing by locating and arresting this suspect as quickly as possible."

Statement from Ben Frazier with the Northside Coalition:

We must move with all deliberate speed to stem the rising  tide of  hate crimes. There are too many incidents and  reports of  verbal harassment and physical attacks against  average citizens, students, and teachers.

These ugly racial incidents are ominous signs that it's high time for city officials to address the issues of racism and racial relations in our city. 

It is time for shareholders to conduct a community forum to discuss these issues face to face.

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WebMD compiled a list, put together by crime experts, on how to equip yourself to handle an attack in a public place. You can find those resources here.

Additionally, if you, or someone you know, believe a hate crime has taken place, you can find additional resources on the Victim Connect Resource Center.

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