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UNSOLVED: Investigators looking into possible love triangle in case of woman found shot along I-95

Though investigators in 2011 leaned toward the theory that she was killed by a truck driver, Investigator Daniel has doubts about that story.

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. — Investigators at the Camden County Sheriff’s Office say there is only one cold case homicide in their files, but it's a challenging one.

It began on the afternoon of Nov. 30, 2011.

A truck driver stopped on the I-95 ramp at Exit 14 to use the bathroom and walking into the wood line he made a gruesome discovery. 

A woman’s body up against a fence, dead from a single gunshot to the head.

Investigators say her fingerprints and a tattoo would identify her as 27-year-old Melissa McCarthy, who also went by the name Melissa McCarthy Comiskey. 

She wasn't from the Southeast Georgia area.

Investigator Nathan Daniel with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office says she had been working as a prostitute in Pompano Beach.

"People interviewed out there stated that they saw her get into a red and white semi truck on the night that she disappeared," tells Investigator Daniel.

Though investigators in 2011 leaned toward the theory that she was killed by a truck driver, Investigator Daniel has doubts about that story. Especially since the information came from a man who was her pimp at the time, and the tire tracks at the scene off I-95 are not from a semi.

He believes one of the biggest clues in the case comes from Melissa’s phone records. 

A 904 area code number connected to a St. Mary’s resident had been calling Melissa’s phone before her death.

"When they did, a satellite tracking on the towers they did find out that the individual that did live in the St Mary’s area was in the Pompano area, 6.7 miles away from where Melissa McCarthy was working before she disappeared," explains Investigator Daniel. 

He says deputies in 2011 spoke to that person.  

It was a woman who said she and Melissa were dating the same man, and that man was the one making calls from her phone to Melissa.

Investigator Daniel says he’s not sure why there wasn’t more of an investigation done into this lead in 2011, but after the couple was interviewed, they moved from the Georgia area.  

It's something he finds suspicious and says the couple are persons of interest in this case. 

But he could use the public’s help, especially if they know anything about Melissa’s death that wasn’t reported to investigators a decade ago.

"There’s so many missing details in this case," says Investigator Daniel," What I want to do is re-interview everyone who was interviewed in 2011."

If you can provide any information to help close this cold case, call the Camden County Sheriff's Office at (912) 510-5100 or the Camden County CrimeLine at 912-510-5163.

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