JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Two naval hospital corpsmen are facing charges after they reportedly posted "highly offensive photos" with newborns to social media, calling them "mini Satans" while working at Naval Hospital Jacksonville, according to new documents obtained by First Coast News.

First Coast News broke the story last September.

A Facebook post showed Snapchat photos of one of the corpsmen allegedly giving a newborn the middle finger, followed by a caption that read "How I currently feel about these mini Satans." A video was also shared showing one of them reportedly making a baby dance to rap music.

This post was shared hundreds of thousands of times and angered people across the nation.

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Since then, the Navy removed the two from their post in patient care. The Navy also reported that the two are facing charges in the report.

In a Naval report, the two “violate[d] lawful general order … by wrongfully using personally owned imaging and recording device to make a recording of a patient in a healthcare setting” and they were “disorderly, by making and posting online a derogatory image and video of a patient in a healthcare setting.”

This incident also caused the Navy surgeon general to act, mandating that all Naval hospitals prohibit the use of cell phones from patient care across the nation until further notice.

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