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FULL FOOTAGE: Louisiana State Police release body cam videos from arrest that killed Ronald Greene

Warning: Some viewers may find the videos disturbing.

NEW ORLEANS — In response to recent reports on the death of Ronald Greene, Louisiana State Police released all the body camera and car camera video they collected from the deadly arrest.

Troopers arrested Greene after a high-speed chase in 2019. Video obtained by the Associated Press shows Troopers repeatedly shocking Greene with stun guns, putting him in a chokehold, beating him and dragging him by his ankles while he's in shackles.

Col. Lamar Davis, the Superintendent of Louisiana State Police, chose to release the full video because he believes the video obtained by the Associated Press doesn't tell the whole story.

"We cannot comment on any of the conduct of the troopers related to this incident, because the evidence of the conduct is under criminal investigation by other state and federal authorities,” Col. Davis said.

The videos include nine separate clips, containing the perspectives of four different Troopers’ dash cams and body cameras.

Trooper Chris Hollingsworth turned his body camera off during Greene’s actual arrest, but afterward, in his cruiser, his body camera records a phone call.

Hollingworth said, “…And I beat the ever living f— out of him, choked him and everything trying to get him under control.”

He describes Greene as out of control and spitting blood, then said, “…and then all of a sudden he just went limp.”

Col. Davis promised swift disciplinary action when the federal and state investigators wrap up, but says the troopers involved deserve due process.

All the videos released by Louisiana State Police on Friday can be seen below:

Lt. Clary Body Worn Camera 

Lt. Clary In-car Camera:

Trooper Hollingsworth Body Worn Camera

Trooper York Body Worn Camera:

Trooper York In-Car Camera

Trooper DeMoss Body Worn Camera:

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