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Police say father left mother of unborn baby to go to party as she was dying

Deanna Fuller, mother of 6, with a baby on the way, was shot to death in her home in Union City. Police are asking for the public’s help finding her boyfriend.

UNION CITY, Ga. — 11Alive has learned new details from police - chilling details - about the Sunday night shooting death in Union City of a mom of six, who also had a baby on the way.

Police said Thursday that while the mom, Deanna Fuller, 31, was on the ground, just outside her apartment, dying along with her unborn child, two people who were there - her boyfriend and the boyfriend’s father - failed to help her, but, instead, left the apartment, and left her there alone.

Now police have an urgent request - help finding the boyfriend, Joshua Fisher.

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Deanna Fuller lived in a ground-floor apartment at a complex on Hightower Road in Union City, along with Fisher - the father of their unborn child - and Joshua's father, the unborn child's grandfather.

Sunday night, all the children except Fuller's youngest child were away.

Just before 11:00 pm, a man called 911.

“He stated that a young lady had been shot, and then the phone call disconnected," said Union City Police Detective Ronnie Allen.

Credit: Union City Police Department

The police report says that first responders found Deanna Fuller on the ground just outside the front door, apparently shot in the head, breathing but unresponsive. Police found a shell casing for a 9mm round on the grass nearby.

Deanna’s boyfriend and his father, along with the young child, were not there. Deanna and her unborn child died later at the hospital.

Then, Det. Allen said that while investigators were still at the apartment late Sunday night and into Monday morning, the grandfather of Deanna's unborn child returned home, and told police that he had been there earlier, asleep in his room.

“And when he woke up he went outside and discovered Ms. Fuller on the porch, and he and Joshua and the youngest child left the location and went to a birthday party," Det. Allen said.

Police believe that one of the two men may have made the abrupt call to 911 as they were leaving her, dying, to go to the party.

The boyfriend's father is now facing charges.

Deanna’s infant and her other five children are now with relatives.

And Det. Allen is asking for the public's help finding Fisher, so police can ask him about what happened.

“It was confirmed that Joshua was present at the apartment, so we really need to speak with him,” Det. Allen said.

Deanna's sister is asking, online, for donations for Deanna's funeral and for help for her six children.

Deanna’s friend from childhood - concerned for her own safety while the shooter is on the run, asking that her name not be used - said Deanna’s children were told Thursday that their mother is gone.

"She was the most loving mother,” her friend said. “Always protective of her kids and smiling. She was so happy that she had them... Very loving mother. Very protective. And it's just absolutely devastating. And it's unreal."

Detectives are hoping that once they find Fisher, they will begin to find the answers Deanna's children need, now, almost as much as they need her.

Authorities said Fisher is wanted for murder, battery, damage to property and  obstruction with 911 call in regards to the homicide. 

Police are asking anyone with information that could help locate Fisher to call the Union City Police Department, 770-515-7991.

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