A group of sledgehammer wielding burglars stole from 21 businesses since May 2019, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. The group of five men burglarized liquor, beauty supply and sporting good stores, many in the Arlington and Westside areas of Jacksonville. JSO reports the most recent burglary was on Sept. 5.

The group is stealing items like expensive weaves, alcohol and sporting goods and re-selling them on the streets. 

Ebony Beauty Supply is one of the shops that fell victim to the burglaries. The store had many of their expensive weaves and barber clippers stolen.

“Something like this happens, I hate!" Yong Kim, store manager, said. "You know, they mess up the store and their stealing stuff. I’m hurt. That’s money.”

First Coast News obtained the full list of 21 burglarized stores, shown on our map.

Although one suspect was arrested a few weeks ago, the burglaries still continue.