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Suspect arrested in police pursuit that killed two, wounded K-9, was not driving or holding gun, lawyer says

Richard Lewis Motley was charged with possession of methamphetamines at his bond hearing -- no other charges.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — One of the passengers in a car involved in a deadly police chase Friday appeared in court for his bond hearing Saturday. But his charges and his attorney demonstrated that he was not the source of the violence and chaos.

The city of Jacksonville had all eyes on the conflict Friday, where a large police presence grew outside of the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. Police said they were attempting to apprehend an armed suspect.

Families were not allowed to exit, some watching helicopters overtop the zoo. Some continued on with their day while others sheltered in gift shops, waiting for police to say they could go.

During the pursuit, a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office K-9 was shot three times and airlifted from the scene to First Coast Veterinary Services in Jacksonville Beach. And when the suspects were finally apprehended, two of the three passengers in the car police were pursuing were found dead.

JSO has not released their cause of death at this time.

The third passenger was Robert Motley.

Motley was not the driver and he was not wielding the gun, nor did he shoot 'Huk', the injured K-9, his public defender said during his bond hearing.

It seems that police do not think, at this time, that Motley was involved in the deaths of the other two passengers or the shooting. He was only charged with one crime, which was possession of methamphetamines.

His public defender said that it was a small amount meant for personal use, and Motley "admitted that."

"Mr. Motley was the one individual in this vehicle that surrendered himself to authorities. At no point in time is it ever alleged that he had a gun," she told the judge.

Though Motley's crime is a third-degree felony, the prosecution asked for a heavier bond.

"I understand that this is a third-degree felony," the attorney for the state said. "However, this is a third-degree felony that involves two deceased individuals, a wounded dog, which is JSO K9 dog, and officer involved shooting, and also the drug was tested positive for methamphetamine."

The judge took the state's recommendation of setting bond at $75,003. Motley will also not be allowed to own or use a firearm.

Motley told the judge that he has two child dependents and an adult dependent and that he owns a lawn care business in Jacksonville.

Motley said he has lived in Jacksonville all his life. When asked if he owns a home there, he said "not no more."

Motley's arraignment is scheduled for August 15 at 9 a.m.


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