Police are looking to identify two men caught on camera after a reported violent sexual battery occurred, according to the Jacksonville Beach Police Department.

The victim released a statement saying she had been attacked Saturday after stepping outside a bar to look for a friend. 

"On Saturday, I stepped outside of a bar in Jacksonville Beach looking for a friend," the victim said. "As soon as I walked outside, a man came running at me at a very fast pace. He punched me in the face at least five times. I lost count as he continued to beat me, breaking my nose, giving me a black eye and cutting my face with his fists. He then pulled down my pants and told me if I was quiet, it would be quick. I screamed, and thankfully, he ran away, but sadly, he and a friend went after some other women in the area. I am sharing what happened to me to protect other women so they do not have to survive a horrific attack like I did."

Video footage captured after the incident, which police said occurred in the 400 block of Beach Proper North, shows the two men approaching three women in front of City Hall around 2 a.m. 

Then, two other men ran down the sidewalk to help the women. This caused the suspected attackers to turn around and quickly walk away, police said.

"We strive very hard to as an agency and as a city to portray a friendly image, a friendly city," Jacksonville Beach Detective Sgt. David Young said. "We want people to come to Jacksonville Beach and enjoy themselves. This is obviously not the things that we want to see happen in our city."

Police said the women were seen leaving the area in what is believed to be a dark-colored Honda CR-Z hatchback.

"Hopefully someone will come forward and let us know some information that we can continue on in this investigation," Detective Young said.

Anyone who may know who the alleged attackers are is asked to contact police at 904-270-1661 or email them at tipline@jaxbchfl.net.

Jax Beach police looking for suspects in attempted sexual battery
Police are looking for the suspects circled in red after an alleged violent attempted sexual battery that occurred in Jacksonville Beach.
Jacksonville Beach Police Department