A homeless man reportedly sexually assaulted an incapacitated woman in a public bathroom in Downtown St. Augustine, according to the St. Augustine Police Department.

On Wednesday at 6 p.m., a city employee said she saw what appeared to be two people having sex inside the men's bathroom at Hypolita and St. George Streets, according to the arrest report. She reportedly locked the bathroom so they couldn't escape.

"That's so early,  you know I would think 1 a.m. or 2 o'clock in the morning would be a time that would be dangerous," said visitor Jenna Arfsten, upon learning about the incident.

When police arrived, they found Timothy Lambert, 29, identified as a homeless man, and the woman partially nude and passed out on the floor, police said.

Based on statements from the witness and victim, police arrested Lambert. Police determined that both the suspect and the victim were under the influence, therefore they said the woman was unable to consent.

Lambert has over 20 arrests on his record dating back to 2013, according to police records.

Arfsten, like many in the area, was shocked to learn about the reported sexual assault. She told First Coast News the incident will make her think twice before letting her own daughter go to a public restroom alone.

"I think if she went to the restroom, I would definitely be going with her. You know, I wouldn't let her go alone to the bathroom," she said.

Lambert faces a first-degree sexual assault charge. He was taken to the St. Johns County Jail where he faces a $100,000 bond.