JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrested a civilian employee Wednesday after he used agency funds to pay for renovations at a privately-owned home, police said.

William G. Winstead, 70, was arrested after an anonymous internal tip led to the discovery of blanket orders being used for personal benefits, JSO said. Winstead worked as the JSO facilities manager, JSO undersheriff Pat Ivey said.

Winstead worked for JSO for 27 years. He chose to resign following his arrest, Ivey said.

Since Winstead was employed as a civilian, he was not entitled to the same administrative process as an officer.

The JSO Integrity Unit received the internal tip last week, Ivey said.

Winstead used a blanket order - typically associated with JSO-vetted businesses - in order to obtain supplies to build a deck at a home, Ivey said. The supplies included wood, a fence or gate, nails and tools that would be considered applicable to JSO use.

Winstead seemingly used company protocol when issuing blanket orders. His approach allowed for the purchases to go unnoticed by administrators. Police said Winstead personally picked up supplies at a Lowe's store.

The total amount of funds spent has yet to be determined. However, Winstead received a third-degree felony organized fraud charge associated with less than $20,000 worth of damages.

Ivey said the charge may change as the agency investigates more previous purchases. JSO has only investigated purchases as far back as Oct. 1, 2017.