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Police: Pizza delivery driver shoots, kills would-be robber in Glynn County

The driver told police he shot the man in self-defense after an attempted robbery.

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — A man is dead after being shot by a pizza delivery driver Saturday in the 3100 block of Cypress Mill Road. 

Glynn County police said they were dispatched to the area at about 11:24 p.m. after being called by the driver. Responding officers found a man dead with a gunshot wound, according to a news release from the Glynn County Police Department.

UPDATE: No charges for pizza delivery driver that killed man during attempted robbery in Glynn County

The driver told officers he shot the man in self-defense after he attempted to rob him, the news release states. "At this time no criminal charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing," the news release states.

The property owner said his son saw a pizza delivery car parked in front of a trailer he rents out, and that trailer is currently unoccupied.

“I heard what was a gunshot. I got up, and I looked out front," Ernest Bradham said.

Ernest Bradham didn't see anything, so he went back to bed.

“Then in a few minutes, my wife came to the bedroom door and said, ‘Come look at all these lights down here at the trailer,’" Bradham said. " I got up, went and looked out the back door, and police were everywhere.”

Bradham and his wife woke up to that scene around 11:30 p.m. Saturday night. 

“Then my wife said, ‘Oh gosh! It looks like something’s laying at the end of the trailer.’ She kept on saying it looked like somebody was on the ground, so I got some binoculars out, and sure enough, there was a person flat on the ground on his back," Bradham said.

Bradham owns his multi-acre property along Cypress Mill Road, where he saw the man's body lying motionless. 

"He looked like a pretty good-sized fellow," Bradham said. "It’s kind of a shock for someone to be right here dead on my property that I didn’t know.”

Police did not release the names of the driver or the deceased male.

The Glynn County Police Department will hold a press conference on the shooting Monday at 10:30 a.m.