A PGA golfer’s wife was arrested Saturday for allegedly attacking her husband and his mother and resisting arrest after being handcuffed by police, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

Krista Conley Glover, 36, who is golfer Lucas Glover’s wife, was charged with misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor resisting arrest, according to her arrest report.

An unredacted version of the police report indicated that Lucas and his mother, Hershey, were the victims in this assault.

The incident occurred Saturday night in Ponte Vedra and Krista Glover allegedly “forcefully attacked” him.

Lucas' mother intervened to get Krista to stop. Krista allegedly caused Lucas and Hershey to have multiple lacerations to their arms.

Deputies responded to the scene and handcuffed Krista. While escorting her to a patrol car, she became combative and tried to separate herself from the deputy, the arrest report said.

While trying to put her in the car, Krista allegedly wrapped her legs and feet around the door and frame of the car, preventing the lower half of her body from getting into the vehicle.

Krista was ultimately put into the car, but she then began screaming and forcefully kicking the rear driver’s side door of the patrol car. She caused the door to visibly separate from the cell of the door frame.

Her husband, Lucas Glover, won the 2009 U.S. Open.

New details from the unredacted police report show that Lucas told police that every time he played poorly in a tournament, his wife Krista would begin yelling at him, "stating that he is a 'loser' and 'p***y'."

Krista also allegedly threatened to leave him with their children and that he would "never see their kids again," the report said.

She started an altercation with him that day, according to the report, and she started it after allegedly drinking all day and in front of their kids and his mother, the document said.

After Krista was arrested, Lucas allegedly started to change his previous statement, as well as Krista's dad, who also was at the scene, according to the report.

While transporting Krista Glover to the jail, she allegedly continued screaming and told the deputies "wait till the tour hears about this, you will lose your job."

She also said "this is why cops get shot in the face" and "wait till I talk with the judge, you will be f*****g fired over this."

Lucas Glover responded to the incident on Twitter, as well:

Read the full arrest document below.

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