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Community on Edge: Parents concerned after mass shooting involving teens in Oceanway area

One parent says they want to see school staff and administrators take accountability.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — On Tuesday, there was a large police presence at the intersection of Vernice and Lanier road. 

Five teens were shot and one was was killed. 

People who live in the neighborhood were shocked to find out what happened.

Fred Burbig, a resident for over 25 years, said the recent incidents had him nervous. He hopes the violence won't happen again in the area. 

"We just hope it's not just a bunch of retaliations going on," Burbig said. "The first big incident we had up here was [at the] Daily's last week." 

While there was more security at the high school, parents have expressed how they don't feel comfortable sending their child to school. 

First Coast News caught up with one parent whose child didn't attend classes on Wednesday. At their request, the parent wanted to remain anonymous.  

"I feel like I let my child down because I grew up inner city and that was not a common place to have shootings," the parent said. 

They want to see more accountability from the school's staff and administration. The parent said they do not feel safe letting their child attend First Coast High School.

"We all care about our children, we want them to be safe," the parent added. "When you have children and you want the best for them and you put them in an environment that's not the best and no one is taking responsibility." 

The parent said something needs to be done and someone in the school's leadership need to be active. 

First Coast News was also allowed to speak to the parent's child who attends FCH. After finding out what happened off campus, the student said they were not surprised. However, it does make them feel unsafe. 

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