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New Video: Patrick McDowell inches out of hiding to surrender to Nassau deputies, 911 call from shooting released

"He called out that he wanted to give himself up," Sheriff Leeper said. "He came out of the bathroom and we had him get down on the ground and crawl... like a baby."

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Inching out of a concession stand on his stomach, Patrick McDowell is seen in new video surrendering to deputies after a five-day-long manhunt back in September.

McDowell is accused of fatally shooting Nassau County Deputy Joshua Moyers twice, in the face and the back, during a traffic stop in Callahan on Sept. 23  

Moyers died in the hospital that following Sunday, according to Sheriff Bill Leeper. 

McDowell was apprehended five days after the shooting while hiding out in a bathroom at the Higgenbotham Sports Complex near the baseball park.

"We continued searching overnight and got leads on where he might be and where someone may pick him up," Leeper said during a news conference where he officially announced the arrest.

Based off of tips they received, Leeper said officers gathered at the ballpark in Callahan near the bathrooms and concession stand area. That's where they heard McDowell.


"He called out that he wanted to give himself up," Leeper said. "He came out of the bathroom and we had him get down on the ground and crawl. He crawled like a baby. Like the coward he is."

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office SWAT team shouted orders to McDowell and when he didn't comply, the released a K-9. That portion has been taken out of the video due to the graphic nature of it.

"He didn’t fully cooperate. They unleashed one of their dogs and it attacked him on the arm so they can get him in handcuffs," Leeper said.

"The handcuffs that were put on him were Deputy Moyers'," Leeper said.

Once in custody, Leeper said they noticed McDowell was injured in the shootout with officers on Friday. The suspect was shot in the leg and had a head wound.

In addition to video of McDowell's surrender, the Nassau County Sheriff's Office also released vidoe of the night of shooting, as well as the 911 call from the woman who was in the car with him.

In the video, Moyers and a person the sheriff's office identified as McDowell talked for about six minutes after Moyers stopped the vehicle.

While it is difficult to make out everything the person identified as McDowell says, he does give Deputy Moyers the false name of Patrick Fowler. 

Moyers asked if the car had borrowed, to which the person identified as McDowell told the deputy that the vehicle belonged to a friend.

Moyers later told the person believed to be McDowell that the tags were not checking out.

“The tags aren’t coming back to this car," Moyers says in the video. "It’s not coming back at all. And you ain’t got no paperwork on it.”

The sheriff's office says around that time, Moyers realized the car had been stolen and calmly asked the person believed to be McDowell to get out of the vehicle.

“Is there any way I can get you to hop out so I can check the van right here," Moyers says on the video. "Do you have any guns are anything crazy in the car?” 

At that point, Moyers takes the handle of the vehicle's driver side door and asks a second time if the driver had any weapons.

The sheriff's office redacted the shooting itself, but the last thing visible is the vehicle speeding across the railroad tracks.

Later, the woman who was in the vehicle with McDowell called 911.

“My friend, I was in the car with him. And he started shooting… and he shot the cop,” the woman, who has not been charged, told the dispatcher. 

She told the dispatcher that she asked McDowell to let her out of the vehicle after Deputy Moyers was shot.

Well, first I told him to let me out of the car and he didn’t let me out of the car," the woman says in the call. "And finally he like hid the car between some trees and told me to run. And that was it. Then, I left and called you.” 

The NCSO also released bodycam video that shows the shootout between deputies and a suspect believed to be McDowell in the hours after Deputy Moyers was fatally wounded.

The video shows a sheriff's office K-9 and his handler searching for McDowell. During the video, eight seconds of rapid gunshots can be heard, along with a squeal by the K-9.

The K-9 was shot in the thigh during the shootout, according to the NCSO. The dog's injuries were not serious. The handler was not injured.

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