ATLANTA -- The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that two new, lethal forms of the drug Fentanyl are now in Georgia, specifically Forsyth County.

One of the new forms of Fentanyl is so powerful that Naloxone, the opioid reversal drug, may be useless against it.

Police are also warning that anyone comes near any form of Fentanyl could be at risk of overdose or death, just from touching the residue left behind by someone who took it.

“We’re talking about such trace amounts that literally the size of one grain of salt can kill,” said Marietta Police Officer Chuck McPhilamy.

Marietta police posted the warning on its Facebook page Monday, that anyone could be at risk just by accidentally coming in contact with a Fentanyl user’s residue, just a grain of the powder touching the skin.

McPhilamy says the department is not trying to cause a panic and emphasizes the chances of accidental contact with someone else’s Fentanyl may be small, but people need to be aware and be careful.

The DEA’s new warning video features two first responders who nearly died after they accidentally breathed in Fentanyl at an overdose call.

As of now, police are not aware of anyone in Georgia overdosing or dying after coming in contact with someone else’s “gray death.”