NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. -- Logan Mott remains in custody over 1,000 miles from the scene where police discovered remains that could be his grandmother.

"My girls go to school right here at the high school and they’re always in the neighborhood walking around so it was sort of chilling," neighbor Laura Taylor-McGhee still trying to understand what happened.

Neptune Beach Police alongside the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office confirmed Friday that remains were found buried on the Seagate Avenue property and believed to be Kristina French. The grandmother and 15-year-old Logan Mott were reported missing just before Thanksgiving.

French had been caring for the teen at the home belonging to Eric Mott, Logan's father, while he was on vacation. Logan Mott now detained by US Customs and Border agents near Buffalo, New York, and a person of interest in French’s death.

Taylor-McGhee says as more information comes to light, her reaction has changed as well.

"It’s horrifying that this could happen to any family, but as a mom it makes me feel better it was not some stranger that just picked a random house, broke into it and did this violence," Taylor-McGhee said.

Logan’s mother who spoke with Good Morning America from her home in Missouri released the following statement: "We are relieved he is safe and in custody and we just ask for everyone to give us time to sort out what happened," she added, "That no matter what, Logan is our child and we love him and are standing by him to help in any way."

Closer to home, neighbors in Neptune Beach still living in the shadows of police lights.

"Where do I go, how long are these lines going to be up, you know they’ve got to have their time to do a full investigation," Taylor-McGhee said.

The same plea from Logan’s mother, who is asking for time to learn what happened. Carrie Campbell-Mott, said Logan has had some has had trouble adjusting in recent months after transferring away from Middle School and entering High School.