JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — JSO said they found three adults dead and two others in critical condition at 11400 Brian Lakes Dr. Saturday morning. They say the incident occurred around 3 a.m.

A neighbor who lives two doors down from where the shooting took place woke up to her dogs barking because of the gunshots.

Mary says her neighborhood is normally quiet.

“3:00 this morning, the police was here, the dogs were barking, these people got back from the club and the shooting happened after that," Mary said.

Mary heard the raw reaction from one of the victims' siblings.

“I heard the sister crying saying, I don’t believe he’s dead. The other young lady was telling her, stop saying that, and she was devastated, she cried and screamed out loud," Mary said.

Three adult siblings lived in the home according to Mary.

Police confirm the victims knew each other but did not specify an exact relationship between all of them.

While being transported, JSO said one of the victims told officers the name of the suspect who shot her. That suspect is dead inside the home, JSO believes.

Officers said the two transported to the hospital had gunshot wounds. 

Mary is left wondering what led up to the shooting.

“Very quiet, all of them worked, like I said, a lot of people live there, they speak to us but keep to themselves, there’s never any commotion but this is what really shocked me," Mary said.

JSO is calling it a likely murder-suicide incident. 

Officers believe all members inside the home knew each other, but no potential motive has been released.