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'I need a break:' Multiple shootings weigh heavily on Jacksonville advocates pushing to end gun violence

MAD DADS has plans to visit every side of Jacksonville, encouraging communities to "see something, say something"

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — AJ Jordan, a member of MAD DADS, has a poster board that reads "MAD DADS cares & remembers Jacksonville's heartbreaking murder victims".

Dozens of names are listed on the board. Jordan remembers each victim, with some names dating back to 2002. What pains him is how there is room for more names. 

"I need a break," Jordan said. "Sometimes I ask God 'Why did you choose me?' It's a task." 

Police responded to multiple shootings in the last four days. One of the shootings ended with at least 50 evidence markers. On Sunday, Travaj Cheek, 18, was shot and killed at an apartment complex in Atlantic Beach. Cheek was days away from turning 19. 

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To Jordan, the violence weighs heavy on his heart. 

"We really just need the community to speak up, otherwise we'll continue to be under siege by these criminals," Jordan added. 

Coming up in September, MAD DADS will encourage neighbors to say something by visiting impacted communities in Jacksonville. The group will travel to every side of the city. 

Jordan described the event as "the only ride that JSO allows to go through the community." 

After giving 20 years of his life to serving others, the work to end gun violence in the city is not done. However, that doesn't mean Jordan has given up on hope. 

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