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One month has passed since Jacksonville Beach father was killed, police relying on tips to find suspect

The Jacksonville Beach Police Department says it isn't ruling anything out

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — Jared Bridegan, 33, was ambushed and murdered on February 16. 

The reward for information leading to an arrest is up to $18,000. 

Since the shooting, police have asked the public to keep an eye out for a specific Ford F-150. Police speculate the year model is between 2004-2008 and the vehicle is blue with a tool box in the back. Investigators said the truck could have something to do with their case. 

Sergeant Tonya Tator, Jacksonville Beach Police Department, is asking the public to provide the tag and location of the vehicle. 

"We don't know where the truck could be at this point," Tator said. "We're asking that you please call and give us that information." 

On the night of the murder, sources close to First Coast News said a tire found in the road was believed to have been what made Bridegan get out of his car. Those same sources said the tire was not in the road just shortly before the incident, according to witnesses. 

Jacksonville Beach Police confirmed a tire was found in the middle of the road. The hazard lights to the victim's car were on. 

"Whether he [Bridegan] was getting out to move that [tire] or there another reason - we're not sure," Tator explained. 

Mark Baughman, First Coast News' crime & safety expert, believes the police are still relying on the public to share as much information as possible. 

"Anytime the police continues to release some information about the investigation such as the: tire or a description of the truck, it tells me potentially they don't have a real suspect in mind," Baughman explained.

"They're relying on the public to maybe point them in the direction to help them develop a suspect." 

The Jacksonville Beach Police Department said they just want to be able to tell the family who did it. 

At this point in the case, police are not ruling anything out. They said at least one person is involved in the murder. However, the police are trying to figure out if there were more suspects involved. 

Police believe the father of four was targeted; based on what investigators have uncovered. 

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