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Man found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Brandon Green

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Lenard Joel Anderson, 37, was convicted Friday evening of manslaughter and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Back in September of 2013, Anderson was at Mascara Gentlemen's Club when he bumped into 21-year-old Brandon Devon Green inside the club.

Anderson then followed Green to the VIP area, where the two began to argue. That's when prosecutors said Anderson pulled out a gun and fired on shot, which fatally struck Green in the head.

"September 8, 2013, that day changed my whole life,” said Harriet McNeal, the mother of David Green.

That's the day Harriet McNeal's son was gunned down at Mascara's Gentleman’s Club in Jacksonville.

"Another killer is off the street. He killed my son like an animal and now he will be in jail caged like an animal for 45 years,” said McNeal.

A court found the suspect, Lenard Anderson, guilty Friday.

"To see this clown stand up there, the way he looked at his family and throw them a kiss, but my son can’t do that , so this was the only satisfaction I got,” said Trenton Green, David’s father.

Investigators say the shooting happened after Anderson and Green bumped into each other at the club. An argument turned into Anderson firing one shot, killing Green.
John Phillips is the family attorney. He says there is a bigger issue; a lack of security at the club.

"This owner can't keep getting away with this, we have to hold them accountable as a city,” said Phillips.

Mascara's, Wacko's, Silver Fox all gentleman's clubs, all owned by one man, Milton Howard. Phillips says all clubs have also had violence and multiple complaints.

"Just a couple months ago we had a person ripped apart by an AK47 at Silver Fox and now he is piecing his life back together."

The first homicide of 2015 was at the silver fox, this year another person was killed at the same club. Phillips says it is time for JSO and the city to hold the clubs owner accountable.

"It starts off with a lack of security, it continues with the mindset of the devil may care. What happens, who cares. I'd rather make $5 for a drink or $10 a drink than to pay someone to work a door.”

Anderson faces up to 45 years in prison and will be sentenced the week of August 26.

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