JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—A 68-year-old man was beaten and left bloody by an unknown suspect Sunday afternoon after saying to a gas station clerk that he'd be voting for Donald Trump come November, authorities said.

The victim suffered broken bones after he voiced his support for the Republican while waiting in line at a gas station, a police report from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said. Trump is the Republican nominee for president and is running against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The victim, Charles, told police that as soon as he answered the gas station clerk's question the person behind him, a black man, asked "Why da f--- you voting for him?"

They were at a Shell Gas Station on Edgewood Avenue just afternoon.

Charles told the man that he believed Trump could "get the country back on track." He also told the suspect he was a Vietnam veteran.

To this, the man replied, "F--- that, h----." And then the man left the gas station and walked off to a white, older-model Chevrolet Surburban.

When Charles left the store, the suspect approached him at a gas pump and allegedly pushed him. Charles reported that he told the man he didn't want to fight and then tried to get in his vehicle.

The suspect followed Charles and then shoved him from behind, the report said. After that, the suspect punched him in the face, throwing Charles to the ground.

The police report said that the suspect proceeded to kick Charles in his stomach and arm. Charles told police that he'd suffered a severe injury to that arm in 2015. Later, the responding officer would watch the man attack Charles on surveillance video.

After kicking Charles, the suspect started walking back to his Suburban, but upon noticing Charles trying to get his SUV's tag number, he charged at Charles while screaming obscenities, the report said.

The suspect reportedly got into his car and then drove off. Charles couldn't get the tag number and had never seen the man that attacked him before or since.

Charles was examined by first responders later at his home after leaving the gas station. The report said that Charles was bleeding, had swelling on his face, and might have had a broken wrist.

He refused to be transported to the hospital, instead saying he'd drive there himself.

The suspect, once caught, is facing charges of felony battery, the report said.

If you've seen the suspect or know anything about the incident, you should call the Sheriff's Office at 904-630-0500.