JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The mother of murder suspect Logan Mott sent First Coast News a two-page letter on Saturday detailing her frustrations about her son’s treatment in the Duval County jail.

Mott, 15, is charged with murder in his grandmother’s death. He is being kept in an isolation cell separate from other inmates until his sentencing.

Carrie Mott calls the situation “horrific.” In her letter, she says her teenage son Logan has expressed concerns over being starved and not receiving proper medical treatment.

“He says he is freezing which is a clear sign his insulin is not being controlled properly,” Carrie wrote. “this is a serious medical issue and I will have no choice but to run it up the chain if I hear nothing back.”

Crime Analyst Mark Baughman, formerly JSO, says the uncomfortable cold conditions are often purposeful.

“Duval County is not meant to be the Holiday Inn or the Marriott. It’s still jail,” she said. “It’s for a reason, I’ve been in cold hospitals, it’s to stop the transmission of illnesses like the flu virus, they’re taking the same approach. I’ve been in Duval County jail many times, I know it is a strict, secure facility.”

Mott’s mother says his diabetes puts him at risk, affecting his heart and brain if not taken care of properly. Baughman says there is medical staff on hand at all times but the insulin aspect, he says, could come up again.

“The defense attorney could run with that, saying he wasn’t in his right frame of mind because he didn’t have insulin and maybe was insulin deprived when he committed the crime.”

Elaborating on her letter Mott’s mother tells First Coast News, “Logan should be in a smaller juvenile facility where his medical needs can be monitored closely and he will have opportunity to interact. There's no need for 'protective custody' at a juvenile facility.”

Mott is being charged as an adult, so he is in the regular Duval County jail. JSO says he’s being held in isolation for his own safety, separate from the adult inmates.

“No one is going to punish him in a corrections facility, it doesn’t work that way, again no one wants to be there I get it, but there is a reason you’re there,” Baughman said.

Logan Mott’s attorney, public defender of the 4th Circuit Charlie Cofer sent First Coast News the following statement in response to the situation:

“I have previously discussed Logan’s medical issues with her. As the result of those conversations, I have had numerous discussions with the Director of the Jails about monitoring and handling Logan’s condition. I have also been meeting regularly with Logan, most recently yesterday evening. Due to Federal privacy laws, it would be inappropriate for me to discuss the actual monitoring and treatment for his condition.”


Officer X,

This is Carrie Mott, Logan Mott's mother. I've had some serious concerns over Logan's medical care and wanted to contact you first. I brought it to Mr. Cofers' attention and called the medical line and left a message but never received a call back.

Logan informed me he has not been getting checked overnight for his insulin. This is extremely dangerous. Over 50 percent of Type 1 diabetes have at least one hypoglycemic episode per week.

Hypoglycemia can happen quickly and when under emotional stress even quicker. At 40 or below a person can be comatose which could lead to death. Logan is asleep and isn't aware of what is going on so he's unable to get help. Logan could also have complications affecting his heart (decreased heart rate, decreased cardio output, myocardial contractinility, blood vessels (stroke, myocardial infarction, acute cardiac failure, ventricular arrhythmia, and brain (seizures, convulsions, coma).

If Logan had his insulin pump this would all be regulated and an alarm would go off if he were getting high or low. We understand why it was taken (although if you've seen the device you would see that there's nothing that could be used to self harm), electing to take that from him means he has to be closely monitored. "Looking in on him" will not accomplish proper monitoring. You can only tell his blood glucose by testing it. Therefore it is critical he is being tested and has some device that monitors him overnight. There are devices that do that out there. Personally, it would be a lot easier on your staff and Logan if he were allowed his pump back. It will monitor him every 5 minutes and send readouts to an online system immediately so it will tell you if he's going dangerously high or low.

Logan told me he is also not being tested correctly (testing too soon and too late after eating is bouncing his insulin all over) this will make him very tired and creates lots of physical issues like nerve problems. Having his blood sugar up and down so much for long periods is dangerous. It creates nerve problems and nerve damage. It also affects his core temperature. He says he is freezing which is a clear sign his insulin is not being controlled properly. He needs to stay warm. Circulation is a serious problem with diabetics. I asked Mr. Cofer to ask for possible thermals under his jumpsuit, extra socks and blankets (I know he has asked), but that still has not happened.

Logan says he's starving. He says they are trying to monitor his diet. Diet has nothing to do with Logans diabetes. He is a Type 1, not a Type 2. Type 1 cannot be prevented. Type 2 can be prevented and even stopped with proper diet and exercise.

Starving him is not helping him. No matter what he eats he has to dose. All he needs to know is the amount of carbs and he can dose for it.

It is clear to me that Logan's medical needs are not being met. His diabetes is being treated as Type 2 instead of what he has which is Type 1. It is very dangerous to not be monitoring this disease properly. To say that I'm concerned is an understatement.

With all of that being said, I want to be clear that I believe the corrections side of JSO is doing the best they can. Logan has said he has been treated properly by everyone in corrections. That is deeply appreciated. This is an awkward situation for everyone. It's a position I believe that the Corrections side should not have been involved in due to the extreme medical precautions, the sensitive nature of this case, your Lt's involvement, and the mere fact that this is a child.

If you can't tell I am very displeased by the Police side. The fact that they have a tendency to place children in jail rather than detention facilities where they are smaller and can medically and psychologically monitor children more carefully is beyond me. The mere fact that the other side literally mean "tweets" and treats detaineees like sideshow acts publishing every action gleefully like a supermarket tabloid is the most unprofessional sickening national inquirer behavior many have ever seen.

This is a child. A child who has not been tried or convicted and deserves to be innocent until proven guilty and treated as such. He should not be in a jail, he should be in a juvenile facility where he won't need "protective custody" AKA solitary confinement.

This is a child of a brother in blue. With zero criminal history. What has happened to our humanity?

These are issues for the other side. But on your side, I would ask that you intervene medically for my child's safety. Logan is in medical danger and I understand it is out of ignorance of his disease but unfortunately the detectives have placed this burden on your faculty and it needs to be taken care of immediately.

I have shown you the respect of only emailing you. I come from a military family and a family in blue. We are avid supporters of police and corrections. It's why I'm so disappointed in what's been done. But I wanted to give you the opportunity to step in. However, this is a serious medical issue and I will have no choice but to run it up the chain if I hear nothing back.

I apologize for you and your officers' positions. I can't imagine how hard this is. Trust me, this is very hard on us as well. I've never been so heartbroken. Our family is in the deepest pain imaginable. Please understand my intent is good and my only concern is Logan. I'm fighting for my child like any mother would.

Ultimately, I don't believe you all should be in involved in this. Logan should have gone to a juvenile faculty. I place that burden right where it belongs on those detectives. Some people have forgotten there can be compassion along with law enforcement.

Thank you for your time.


Carrie Mott